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On Thursday, October 4, Wilmington City Council will consider legislation which has the potential to substantially curtail the growth of residential development in the City of Wilmington and harm the City’s revitalization.

Ordinance #4561, sponsored by Councilman Samuel Guy (D-At Large) seeks to impose apprenticeship requirements, including certification of “good faith efforts” to meet minimum wage requirements (which will escalate from $15 per hour to $18 per hour between 2018 and 2021), on any residential construction project meeting the following criteria:

1) receiving any amount of financing, subsidy, or grant from any city department, or

2) any developer receiving an in-kind contribution from any city department with a value that exceeds $100,000.00, or

3) developing a residential construction project on property acquired by the Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank.

The Chamber is concerned that this legislation will have curb residential construction growth and increase the cost of housing in the CIty of Wilmington. Wilmington is at a critical juncture, bad public policy decisions could slow or derail the City’s revitalization. We encourage Chamber members to contact members of Council to urge them to vote against this legislation.

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