Award-Winning Wilmington agency takes great creative to a new level

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Whether your marketing objective is raising awareness, educating or building relationships, your message needs to resonate with your target audience. But to do that, it needs to reach them. In a consumer-empowered world, it can be difficult to stand out in a highly competitive and clustered landscape.
That’s where OneMagnify comes in.
A long-time Wilmington resident, OneMagnify is a global marketing agency that combines compelling brand communication with technology solutions and actionable analytics to deliver its clients meaningful and measurable results.
“We have a great creative team in Wilmington that provides clients with relevant, memorable advertising. But what sets us apart is our ability to leverage data and technology to make sure the work we do effectively reaches the right audience,” said Managing Director of the OneMagnify Wilmington office Lisa Scott.
This year alone, OneMagnify has received Telly, Davey, and Communicator awards for campaigns they have created for several clients. “It’s always humbling to be recognized for our work in the advertising world,” said Scott. “But our biggest reward is ensuring that the work we do is successful for the clients we serve.”
Through a variety of tools and data, OneMagnify helps its clients understand customer behaviors and motivators, while using analytics to both optimize engagement and identify new opportunities for the continued growth of its clients—all in real time.  As a result, OneMagnify has successfully helped local, national and international clients power their business performance.  
“We accelerate our clients’ ability to generate insights from their data assets and leverage technology to deliver an interactive, personalized customer experience that truly reflects their brand promise, so much so that OneMagnify recently needed to move to a new location near the Wilmington Riverfront,” said OneMagnify Chief Operating Officer Sameer Desai.
“This new location will provide us the space to accommodate our growing team, and expand our capabilities across marketing, technology, and analytics,” said OneMagnify CEO Mark Petroff. “Because as technology continues to evolve, the metrics and data that drive our messaging have become as important as the message itself.”
With a reputation for providing clients with impactful, strategic creative work, and the ability to leverage the latest data and technology to amplify its effectiveness, OneMagnify helps clients of all sizes separate themselves from their competition.   
About OneMagnify
Originally founded in 1967, OneMagnify has evolved to become a full-service, global marketing company that combines compelling brand communications with technology solutions and actionable analytics to deliver measurable results. Through creativity and problem solving, our team powers business performance with actionable analytics and data; compelling marketing communications through brand strategy; and technology solutions. Applied individually—or fully integrated for greater impact—these three core services can amplify clients’ businesses, deliver real-time results, and separate them from competitors. OneMagnify offices are located in Detroit, MI; Wilmington, DE; Charlotte, NC; Shanghai, China; Cologne, Germany; and Chennai, India. OneMagnify is routinely recognized as a top workplace in each of its U.S. locations and invests in the communities they serve.

Contact info:
322 A St, Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 427-8544

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