Health Insurance: Trouble is Brewing

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There is about to be a big shift in the Delaware Health Insurance marketplace.  As of January 1st 2018, it is expected Individual Health Insurance premiums will increase more than 25%. To add salt to the wound, the State of Delaware will only have one health insurer left in the Individual Market, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware. As of January 1st, Aetna will no longer be available for individuals.  At this level of increase, health insurance will be unaffordable for many of Delaware’s individuals and families.

For some, Small Group Health Insurance will be the solution. Small Group will be substantially less expensive than individual health insurance and with more plan options and more carriers.  This will mean we could find a significant movement from individual to Small Group Health Insurance especially sole proprietors and 1099 subcontractors.  Even larger groups that decided, in years prior, to forgo providing health insurance to employees will now want to consider implementing a benefit program to assist employees in accessing more affordable coverage.

The Solution:  The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce has Delaware’s Private Healthcare Exchange for businesses - The Benefits Connection.

The Benefits Connection has been assisting Delaware businesses since 1980 by providing the most unique, competitive and comprehensive employee benefit programs available in the marketplace.  The Benefits Connection is making benefits easy through automation and innovation.

If you are a business owner, sole proprietor, subcontractor or 1099, the time to act is now. Don’t miss this opportunity to have more comprehensive and less expensive health insurance premiums.


Call the Benefits Connection directly:  (302) 294-2059 or (302) 654-8823