​K-LAK Corporation is 100% Veteran Women Owned, Service Disabled Company

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​K-LAK Corporation is 100% Veteran Women Owned, Service Disabled Company.  Being a diverse company gives K-LAK Corp. the opportunity to reach out to all sectors of business industries.  Our staff and partners learn firsthand the intricacies of what it entails to get the project done from inception to completion.


Our firm is currently is organized into Five Operating/Vertical Divisions that provide service to our clients.  The divisions are:


1.  Information Services                   

Credit Reporting                        

Credit Monitoring                        

Criminal Background Screening                

Criminal Monitoring                     

All services are on the web base           


2.  Construction and Management       

Fencing Services

Tree Services

Division 10

Paining and Dry walls

And yes we are bonded

3.   Real Estate Services
Property Management

Property Placement

Tenant Screening Software

4. Consulting and Training

5. Technical Services


Our expertise is the old fashioned way-on the job applying established industry standards, methodologies and practices using the latest technology and automated services.


A list of some of our client(s):


The Army Corps of Engineering

Bancroft Construction

California Department of Parks and Recreation

City of Philadelphia

City of Wilmington

Department of the Air Force

Department of the Army

Department of the Interior

Department of the Navy

Immigration of Naturalization Services

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

State Police of California Highway Patrol

TransCare Inc.

Urgent Ambulance Services


K-LAK Corporation Promise:


    We bring high quality constructive solution efficiently and effectively to satisfy your needs that will save you money, improve your employee screening experience that will prevent negligent hiring and provide a variety of levels of training and technical support based on the customer’s requirement.


    The Partners at K-LAK Corporation believe the customer satisfaction is paramount, quality service is key and continuous improvement is the standard and is essential.