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Sevenshopper Inc. is a company located in Wilmington, Delaware. We have been in the wholesale and eCommerce business for over 7 years.
In this historically biggest pandemic we are facing, we have been working hard to bring together qualified manufacturers and products information to help and support more people.
We understand the serious concerns of businesses to keep their employees safe as they provide essential services and assistance to families and communities during these challenging times.  Our products include disposable face masks, KN95 face masks, hand sanitizers, non-contact thermometers and more.  Visit us at

About Sevenshopper

Sevenshopper Inc. is a company created in 2014 by seven young students who sold consumer electronics online part-time. The team achieved a revenue of over one million in the first 12 months. In 2015, one of the founders decided to run the business full time in Wilmington, DE, and started the entrepreneurship journey. In the following four years, the company maintained an annual growth rate of over 50% and hit the 10 million mark in revenue in 2019. The company was awarded the Fastest 50 Growing company by Delaware Business Times in 2019.
Since 2015, the company started to work with international brands such as Dyson, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and others. Sevenshopper focused on adding value to these cooperative brands by optimizing product listings, pictures, descriptions, and keywords. We make sure customers can easily find these products online and guarantee a 2-day or even 1-day delivery time. Meanwhile, Sevenshopper provided extended warranty and other services to PC and consumer electronics to meet different customer needs. In 2017, the company registered its own brand “Microtella” to further provide high-quality, advanced consumer electronics to customers [link]. Sevenshopper believes that the company should utilize technology to make people’s daily lives healthier and more convenient. Sevenshopper also believes that in the 21st century, “every company should be a technology company”. Therefore, in 2019, Microtella became a strategic partner of Lenovo, Acer, Zoom and top PC distributors such as Tech Data to provide “Technology as a Service” to their B2B customers. Sales in the B2B section increased by over 63% YoY in 2019.
Besides Consumer electronics and PC categories, Sevenshopper has also extended our product lines to the Health, Personal Care, and Home categories. In 2018, we registered another brand—“Nestforia” [link]—which is designed to provide eco-friendly home and personal care products to consumers. The company cares about greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and plastic garbage issues and believes it is the company’s responsibility to develop and deliver eco-friendly products to consumers. The company strives to also assist manufacturers and brands with a similar vision to market their products online.
Sevenshopper’s competitive advantage is our strong digital marketing and data analysis capabilities. We use Artificial Intelligence with regard to companies’ own products and help cooperative brands to optimize their online presence. Through advertising management in search engines and social media, brand presence set up, conversion optimization, the company is designed to increase brand competitiveness and drive innovations. Meanwhile, the company also uses strong data analysis to do sales forecasting and supply chain management to better manage and plan inventories. By continuously optimizing operation systems, Sevenshopper manages inventory with the scale, security, and agility to meet increased buyer expectations and shorter product life cycles in eCommerce marketplaces.
Sevenshopper cares about their people and believes in their people. They want every employee to grow with the company. The company puts a high value on “teamwork”. Employees demonstrate trust by honoring commitments, being reliable, and backing up each other at all times. The company encourages employees to have the courage to be bold and step out of their comfort zones. They present employees with the challenge to find a better solution and set top goals for their career. The company also sets up programs and consulting services to help employees recognize their strengths and provide diverse training and opportunities for self-improvement and self-growth.

In the future, Sevenshopper is committed to further improve their digital marketing, data analysis and supply chain management to better help partnered brands to increase innovations, conversions, and brand image. We will also work hard to deliver high quality, healthy and eco-friendly products to our customers.
Technology changes the world for the better—as long as we are all committed to it!
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