Member Spotlight - President Chamber Member, Sigma Data Systems

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Chamber Insider Member Spotlight Sigma Data Systems – President, Mike Poirier


Sigma Data Systems is a custom IT solution provider for small & midsize businesses. We provide business owners with tailored "Business Minded" technology solutions. This approach has been at the core of Sigma Data Systems since it was started back in 1978 as a custom software development house, and we have evolved as the technology revolution has become.

With October being Cyber-Security month, what is one thing that you worry about the most? How can businesses stay cyber secure safe?


While business owners' biggest worry is often ransomware, other malware forms can wreak havoc with a company and its information systems. Staying cyber secure requires a multilayered approach that includes an informed user-base and hardware & software designed to limit malware and other malicious actors' opportunity. In terms of technical protections, implementation of next-generation anti-virus software with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) capabilities and a proper business firewall are just a few of the technologies businesses now need to consider. Sigma Data Systems is a few local companies that provide custom application development software for web and desktop applications.


Sigma Data Systems has been a longtime member of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and is proud to be both a President Circle sponsor and the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce's official technology services provider. They joined the Chamber many years ago to help bring visibility to their company, and the relationship with the Chamber has only grown stronger since then. Mike and his team have taken advantage of the conference room facilities, marketing groups & presentations, and various networking opportunities at the Chamber.


Sigma Data Systems has implemented various COVID-related safeguards and programs to ensure that Sigma Data Systems could continue to operate effectively and provide critical IT support to the many essential businesses they serve, which included medical facilities, emergency services organizations, and food preparation/distribution centers, to name only a few. Sigma Data Systems remained fully operational throughout the initial COVID lockdowns and still is today.


The Sigma team not only makes sure their clients are safe but continues to work with many non-profit organizations as a way to give back to our community by providing services and equipment to these organizations at cost.


We asked President Mike Poirier what advice would you give new or current chamber members about keeping their businesses safe from being hacked or targeted? "Implement a comprehensive Cyber-Security awareness program for all employees. Technical controls are a critical must for protecting any business. However, employee education and enforcement of the company's cybersecurity policy, cybersecurity awareness, and how to report possible cybersecurity events are critical. The employee is often the first line of defense against possible cyber intrusions."

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