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Committee that meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 to exchange business contacts.
Bob Horton
Creative Image Associates
Photographer Bob Horton founded Creative Image Associates 30 years ago. He’s been helping Delaware be more handsome, famous or beautiful ever since. His finesse in people skills enables clients to be relaxed and have fun while being photographed. So how do people look when having fun... GREAT!  Bob is NCCCC’s official photographer. You'll likely see him when you attend the major events. His headshots are outstanding... look at what he did for the Chamber staff!  Bob's passion for excellence in your image is rivaled only by his desire to help you network. Headshot needing renewal or not, give Bob a call if you'd like him to introduce you around at Chamber events! As a chamber Ambassador, he would love to help you out!
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