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Evergreen Cost Savings offers expense reduction solutions for businesses of all sizes. We provide specialist experts who identify savings, reduce overcharges and create profit centers where none existed before. Businesses can realize savings in over 100 expense categories without hiring another person to your accounting or management team. The team of Subject Matter Experts engaged by Evergreen Cost Savings consultants on behalf of our clients uses proprietary technology and experience to find value within your business. Our initial consultations and analyses are offered at no charge.

As business owners, we understand the importance of managing expenses to maintain profit and services. Today businesses face greater challenges related to the pandemic, managing rising overhead expenses, taxes, and labor expenses. Our team of expert expense reduction, cost containment, and Fintech AI business software companies help companies increase revenue by reducing overhead and increase efficiencies overlooked by their current support staff. Besides reducing business expenses, we can also make accounts payable departments a profit center and also reduce small parcel shipping costs using proprietary software that includes logistics optimization and many more. This is all done in a tight market so businesses don’t have to reduce their most important asset…their people.