Are You a Potential Cybersecurity Victim? Find Out Inside!

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May 07, 2019

Are You a Potential Cybersecurity Victim?

Do you know the status of your cybersecurity? How about that of your business? If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions, you could be making a big mistake. One that may cost you sensitive information, or worse, the data of your clients. 
 Unfortunately, your fears aren’t unfounded. According to former FBI agent and friend of WSI, Scott Augenbaum, cybersecurity costs will reach 1 trillion dollars in five years – and it still won’t be nearly enough to stop cybercriminals!
There’s no denying it: navigating the digital world with caution and awareness is a necessity for businesses, both now and into the future. The only way to avoid becoming a cybercrime victim is by taking preventative measures... 


How 5 Reasons You Need to Start Creating Video Blogs 

Today’s customers are hungry for information and we know it. In the past, blogging and short form content has been one of the best ways to deliver useful and digestible information to many online users all at once. It not only gave your business a competitive edge but it also just simply helped with marketing. Do you know how to take it a step further these days? Consider sharing video blogs in your online articles. 

It’s a fact that online consumers prefer fast information and it’s best if they can get it in a form of a visual content over text. 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. Internet users spend 88% more time on a website that has video than one that doesn’t. So why not include video blogs in your articles? Here’s a few more reasons... 
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