Flipping the Standard Local Non-Profit Chamber Member Gives Back

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March 06, 2018

Non-Profit organizations, like New Castle County Chamber of Commerce member, ServiceSource Delaware (SSDE), are typically on the “receiving” side of the giving equation. However, participants in the organization’s Riverfront Community Center Program are putting a different spin on the “it’s better to give than receive” adage. These individuals with disabilities, through their volunteer initiatives, are flipping the standard by being givers rather than receivers. 

In this spirit of giving back, Riverfront participants joined with Forget Me Not Families, Inc., located in Middletown, in sorting and preparing clothes for donations. Throughout the winter months they also partnered with the Brandywine Hundred Library in Wilmington in the donation of books to Future Development Learning Academy, a local day care.

And, they distributed flyers at Wilmington’s Marriott Hotel for RESULTS, a non-profit advocacy group that stands against domestic and global poverty.

In the fall of 2015, with an eye to expanding community inclusion and with the support of Delaware’s Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, SSDE launched the Riverfront Community Center Program in a newly renovated space within the former Shipyard Shops at Riverfront Wilmington. The program is designed with a primary focus on community inclusion. The setting provides daily activities that stimulate and challenge, enable individuals to contribute to their local community, and maximize their personal and vocational potentials.

SSDE has been a vital source of vocational training and employment support for thousands of Delaware citizens with disabilities dating back to its inception in 1957 as Opportunity Center Inc. (OCI). Enduring partnerships made over the years with local businesses (many of which are New Castle County Chamber members), government agencies, and foundations have assisted its efforts to make our community more inclusive and accepting of the similarities, rather than the differences, people with disabilities display.
For more information about ServiceSource Delaware programs visit its website at https://www.servicesource.org/our-offices/delaware/ or contact Cindy Sterling, Director of Employment Services at 302-765-1232.