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June 05, 2018

Harmony Drones has been registered as a low altitude aerial service provider and has received approval to fly directly for the state of Delaware.

The drone company, owned by Robert D. Reid of Delaware, is now able to perform services for state entities including school districts, the Delaware Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, Public Works, Police, Fire Companies and more. Services include marketing and promotional video creation, roof and window assessment, orthomosaic mapping, client specific sensor payloads, thermal imaging and video and high-resolution imagery.

Harmony Drones recently signed on Sussex Tech School District as a client, and will perform thermal imaging, roof assessments, athletic field elevations and over 30 orthomosaic maps to capture the entire campus. Harmony Drones is also using drone technology to see security vantage points and camera points for Sussex Tech School District.

“We simply couldn’t be happier to fly for Sussex Tech. Everyone involved in the project has been a pleasure to work with,” noted Reid. “Using drone technology is a fantastic way to for companies and organizations to capture images that they may not have using conventional methods, plus the overhead cost is much lower. We don’t bring in heavy equipment to photograph hard to reach places – we simply fly over to capture images, so there’s no need to invest in costly insurance premiums.”

Since drone technology is so new to the market, Harmony Drones will provide free onsite consultation, capability awareness seminars and drone tech acquisition planning meetings for any and all public and private entities in the State of Delaware who are interested in learning more about the company and services offered.

Harmony Drones is able to reduce enormous manpower hours and equipment costs associated with asset data capture, eliminate danger and insurance costs and produce a high-quality result that makes traditional asset data collection techniques obsolete.

Visit Harmony Drones online at www.harmonydrones.com as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Come FLY with us!  

If you would like more information about Harmony Drones and the services provided by the company, please contact Robert D. Reid at info@harmonydrones.com or 302-894-7991

Aerial shot of Hoopes Reservoir in New Castle County, Delaware.  

Aerial shot of Sussex Tech campus. With drone technology and the zoom capability available from Harmony Drones, assessments of the area can be easily completed.