The SigmaSecure tips of the week: Mobile Device Security

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October 22, 2020
With a new generation of Apple iPhones launching this week, many users may be upgrading their mobile devices. Users can often overlook configuring critical security settings during an upgrade.
Remember to:
1. Always use a PIN or Password.
Always use a device PIN or Password. Mobile devices are often used to access email, banking and social media. Therefore your mobile device needs to be as secure as your workstation.
2. Turn on Encryption.
Many devices now come with encryption enabled by default, but not all do. Enabling encryption on top of the device PIN or Password will protect the data on your device even further by making the data unreadable without the password. Check your mobile device to confirm that encryption is enabled.
3. Enable "Find my Device" or Mobile Management.
Many mobile devices come with a "find my device" capability. When enabled, it allows the device owner (you) or designated administrator to track and locate a missing device, secure it and/or wipe it remotely.
This may help you recover that new phone if it does get lost or stolen.



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