Selling Made Simple March 22nd

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March 01, 2018
Let me help you increase your sales by 10%, 20%, 50% or more!!
Sounds like B.S. right? Of course it does, and it would be, if it wasn’t true. Every sales team  you or your sales team is still not hitting their sales potential and goals regardless of previous sales training, then my upcoming training is a perfect fit.  For almost 20 years, I have specialized in helping the “everyone else” sell and produce like a blue chipper, right here in Delaware. From single salesperson organizations to large sales teams, there is no reason why only the blue chippers should receive benefits.
What makes a blue chip salesperson?
Having a rock solid mindset and confidence to present and close.
Relentless effort and massive, consistent, persistent action.
Outstanding skills to communicate, ethically persuade and close your prospects. 
The best, most successful salespeople, master all three. The rest would be lucky to master just one. Heck when I started, I was a master of none. Almost every underperforming sales person I have ever trained had virtually the same result after my training; they closed even more deals. Now let’s be upfront, you have to be willing to work your butt off after the seminar but if that is you then I want to work with you.
The question is, how much more would you benefit if you stopped selling like “everyone else” and consistently hit and then surpassed your goals?
Selling Made Simple is a one-day sales bootcamp, a real world, no fluff, step-by-step process to learn how to ethically persuade, increase sale amounts, confidently ask for the sale, and most importantly, close the deal. As President and founder of Joe White Global and Get Life Coaching I have personally worked with thousands of salespeople and teams and helped them to become even more successful. By demystifying the sales process you will know precisely what to do and what to say when. That means more closed deals and more money.
My next Selling Made Simple Seminar is March 22, right here in the Wilmington/Route 202 area.
At Selling Made Simple you will be shown step-by-step on how to  
Move through any objection successfully without the use of a bogus response that just doesn’t work anyway.
Shorten the sales cycle.
Move your prospects through the four simple stages of every sale.
Build rapport in seconds and understand why the techniques that most sales trainings teach you, actually breaks rapport.
Advanced NLP language and tonality patterns.
Sell from a state of absolute certainty.
Close even more sales without discounting your price.
How to overcome the infamous, “Let me think about it” statement with one simple but powerful question.
Tip the scales to a yes for those difficult prospects that seem impossible to close.
Stop wasting your time and energy on prospects that don’t qualify and would never buy.
Keep your prospects engaged even through a 8 -18 month sales cycle.
Why most sales goal techniques condition you for failure and not success.
Sell to “Type A” personalities….And so much more. 
Selling Made Simple is March 22 from 9am - 5pm. Save 20% when you bring your team.
For more information and to register go to
And if you have any questions about Selling Made Simple …just text me at 1-302-229-9117.That’s a real text number that comes straight to my cell. I’ll text you back and help you out.
Thank you for your time,
Joe White