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Life, Styled By Susan



About Us

Life, Styled By Susan is a lifestyle brand that blends products and services, including Consulting, Beauty, Fashion, and Personal Styling. Life Styled By Susan is a mindset. It's a lifestyle brand born from my experiences as a leader for over 20 years, coupled with my passion for helping women step into their Feminine Energy using it as their Super Power Advantage to reach new heights in their personal and professional life.

I've seen too many examples of women getting in their own way, not feeling they are seen and heard, becoming complacent in how they present themselves, too anxious to step out of their comfort zone, and sadly just giving up and staying stuck in all aspects of their life.

My programs through the Elevate Her Institute focuses on mindset first and foremost as that is where most start their descent into what I call ''the sea of misery.'' I focus on building confidence, removing limiting beliefs, building effective relationships, and improving communication. Polishing these skills will transcend into all areas of your life.

Next, I focus on physical presence and outward confidence to help you look and feel great, boosting your confidence so that you feel empowered! In the end, what I do is style women from the inside out.

I will be in your corner every step of the way, holding you accountable and cheering you on!