IT Solutions Recognized as Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Provider: “IT Solutions — A One-Stop Shop for IT Services”

IT Solutions Consulting is honored to be named a 2023 Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Provider! In a recent interview, our CRO, Robert Adams, and VP of Sales, Jim Higgins, shared how we're transforming the managed services landscape. With nearly three decades of solutions excellence and a talented team of over 250 experts, we remain dedicated to providing IT support that evolves with you.

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IT Solutions Consulting is a full-service IT company that, over the last 30 years, has earned a legacy of proactively catering to every aspect of its customers’ IT service needs. With a growing talent base of over 250 employees across its East Coast and Midwest branches, it is one of the country’s most sought-after managed services providers across domains.

“There is no environment, project, or challenge we have not been able to tackle,” says Jim Higgins, VP of Sales, IT Solutions Consulting.

IT Solutions’ support, security, and technical project personnel are its most valued assets in delivering client-centric solutions, including infrastructure, support, cybersecurity, strategy, Microsoft 365 development consultation, and application development. Through and through, IT Solutions provides a full-service offering that caters to every aspect of clients’ needs, focusing on clients’ long-term success. As an established MSP, the highlights are its dedicated proactive services, professional services, and help desk personnel, who strive to address most queries in the first call.

Since the early 2000s, IT Solutions has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with its dedicated professional services team specializing in countless Microsoft cloud migration projects. Today, IT Solutions is also a Modern Work Microsoft Solutions Partner and manages multiple companies looking to move from on-prem to Microsoft Office 365 Suite and other custom projects with Microsoft web development and ongoing support for users of Microsoft Azure. Its brand stewardship and partnership with Microsoft continue to foster long-term customer relationships and solve unique business challenges to maximize productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize clients’ IT budgets, making IT Solutions one of the Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Providers in 2023.

IT Solutions strongly attributes its operational maturity and growth as a national provider as its core defining feature. It prioritizes proactivity and responsiveness when addressing managed service-related queries from prospective clients, which gives them a significant leg-up in competitive environments and fosters strategic and ongoing partnerships. For instance, a large oral healthcare practice based out of Colorado and with offices in the Midwest and the West approached IT Solutions when their local managed services provider was unable to meet their expectations. The client was looking to acquire many smaller practices and concurrently grow its IT bandwidth while maintaining a lean internal team to manage resource scalability needs and an expanding customer base.

IT Solutions helped handle the client’s exponential growth of over 200 offices in four years while keeping internal teams small, onboarding thousands of users, achieving hundreds of Microsoft Office 365 migrations and integrations, and leveraging Microsoft 365 platform in a continuum.

“The project’s success has brought us many customer referrals for our ability to work in a fast-paced environment with high scalability requirements,” says Robert Adams, Chief Revenue Officer, IT Solutions Consulting.

Another unique strategy offering is its dedicated Strategic Advisors that oversee projects from start to completion and holistically safeguard clients’ entire technology journeys, aligning IT with business outcomes. In addition, IT Solutions has experienced cybersecurity and incident response teams that dive deep into clients’ networks and environments to detect and resolve threats. These strategic approaches go beyond simply managing a client’s endpoint security and are comparable to extensive in-house security teams.

IT Solutions attributes its success to its Recruitment Team, which strives to onboard the best of the industry’s talent and provide world-class training to drive a culture of dynamic growth. Its dedicated team is in for the long haul, underpinning its growth as a nationally recognized business.

Recently, the company has been leveraging its national reach and aligning its network of teams and expertise to successfully augment many high-growth, private equity-backed companies. Its vision for the future is to bolster IT within the platform companies of PE firms, ensuring seamless IT support and service scalability, all while driving strategic and impactful business outcomes.

IT Solutions is cementing its lead through full-service offerings under one roof and a fervent commitment to providing enterprise-level expertise while ensuring client-centric, white-glove support.

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