Chuck Nunan of Harvest Ridge Winery to Keynote at Entrepreneurial Summit

The 2018 Entrepreneurial Summit is a high impact event bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors and providers and delivering the access, resources and connectivity to help accelerate business growth.

Chuck Nunan started his career as an entrepreneur in 1978. He and his wife Chris purchased 10% ownership in a new cleaning franchise in Sussex County. Delaware.

The following year Chuck and Chris bought out their partner. Together, they ran the franchise for another year before selling it and moving to Wilmington, Delaware to open and start up another SERVPRO franchise.

In 1981, Chuck and Chris acquired the Director Distribution rights for Delaware and Pennsylvania for Servpro. At that point in time, there were only 3 existing franchises. Then, in 1998 Chuck and Chris acquired the Distribution rights for the Carolinas followed by distribution rights for southern New Jersey in 1999. They have proudly worked over the years to expand and oversee the now 191 SERVPRO franchises under their Distributorship.

Chuck has had a passion for making wine for over 30 years. He was taught by first generation Italian immigrants how to make homemade wine. His passion grew to where he would have upwards of 35, 5 gallon carboys in his basement making wines for family, friends and special occasions. The idea of Harvest Ridge Winery came up when Chris and Chuck were in Charleston at their son’s wedding in 2010. They went out and visited a local winery, and after much enjoyment of the local wines they decided they could do this on their family farm in Marydel, Delaware.

In 2011, they started the building and planting grapes.   The first varieties were Chardonnay, Viognier, Malbec, and Merlot. Since then, there are 20 acres of grapes under cultivation. With a robust interest in the local community, through their annual food truck competition, they have been able to benefit disabled American veterans and the Heroes Hunts foundation. Chuck and Chris have three sons, all of which are entrepreneurs, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. Chuck’s passion is to deliver exceptional customer service in all of his businesses.

The 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Summit is scheduled for July 12th at DoubleTree by Hilton Wilmington. Space is limited. Register here

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